Soothing green

I’m mesmerized. I’m back on the same day. Every single day feels just like the other. But I have met these lovely creatures worth writing about. Just for the sake of the story line: I am currently not where I want to be. After living in a place that I loved, I expected to at least do something I love but the opposite happened. It’s ok…I got over it. Now I’ve made new friends here…the trees. The loveliest part about this experience is the trees. In the midst of imbalance, insanity and dysfunction, trees are the saving light throughout the merging days. Their height, posture and color are some features I can easily relate to.

If trees could talk, their language would be peaceful. If they could have a message to send, I’d be comfort. They accept the weather whichever way it is and don’t question their own existence. All they do is stand strong. All they do is move with the wind, get wet with the rain and exude different shades of green. I remember when I was a little girl I would organize my crayons and if the green would be missing, it looked hopeless. So as hopeless as here feels, it’s very difficult to lose all faith when you’re given the gift of green by these lovely creatures called trees.

So when you’re going through a rough patch, look around for anything that makes you smile. Have it be a tree or a wonderful cup of coffee. A great friend of mine once told me: “start a grateful journal and each day write something you’re grateful for…that helps you get through rough times.” Well today I’m grateful for trees. They’re leafy, green, tall and beautiful. They don’t hide from the sun or the storms. They remain standing, unafraid and always smile back with a shining soothing nature.


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