I don’t like…

To be kept waiting, noise, manipulative people, awkward moments in elevators, investing time in something I don’t believe in, hypocrites, feeling overweight, hurting myself with food, not accepting things as they are, bad temper, my habit to complain, not staying in touch with art, regret, competing, comparison, odd numbers, romance that hides from me, corporate monsters, insignificance, fighting, insecurities, not finishing what I start, not singing, disrespect, creepy dreams, overthinking, dishonesty, abuse of any kind, judgment, falseness, imbalance, conformity, fear, my own laziness, crazy expectations, control, anxiety, stress, discouragement and oppression.

I’ve always been a supporter of focusing on what you love. But sometimes what you hate is an indicator of what is unacceptable. What you don’t like tells you what you must protect. I recently read a chapter in my book entitled ‘Hate well’ and I was surprised. To my amazement I discovered the truth. Be clear on what you don’t like and do not let others do that to you. I always thought I knew all too well what I did not like; now I see how it’s surrounded me by people who not only know it but respect it completely. Stop others from doing to you what you know is wrong and they’ll gradually be gone. Then once you get rid of what you do not like, you’ll have enough room for what you hold dear. What don’t you like? What lines should not be crossed? Believe you me; it’s good to know.


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