It’s funny how sometimes when we’re in the hardest times, we’re the most creative. I find myself having wonderful ideas and creatively inspired when in the most dead end job I’ve ever had. It made me wonder why. And now I know it’s the escape. When we’re living our lives, our soul doesn’t crave life as much as when life seems empty. The escape is what saves us; the escape is all we’ve got. It’s OK though; it’s a good sign. When we escape in times of difficulty, it means we haven’t given up. It means we’re trying to catch up with the life our heart desires.

Go to Wonderland to remind yourself of the fantasy. Read books that make your thoughts burst with ideas and wonder. Go to wherever you need to, so that you can cope with the wrong situation at hand. These escapes will not just save you but remind you how beautiful life can be inside. Then, when the time is right on the outside, take action. It’s easier to just play it safe and escape from a reality that is comfortable, but don’t be fooled. Giving up on the opportunity to actually live your life is riskier than playing it safe.

Run runaway to wherever you feel you must. Fly with birds, play with trees and breathe in the colors. The escape is beautiful, the dreams are mesmerizing. And when you finally know you’re living the life of your dreams, don’t forget. Keep in touch with the world that saved you. Keep doing whatever you do to escape into a world where there are no rules and if there are, they were imposed only by you. I hope that one day most of my time is spent as an escape with very few moments of reality; then it’ll make more sense. So that this upside down reality can become a right side up fantasy.




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