This wind

It roars and reminds me of a scary monster. But nothing in comparison to this corporate monster that forces me to sit in a desk for hours at a time. The windy monster could carry me away with its forces whilst the corporate monster insists on making me waste my time and rewards me with the shallowness of money.

This moving air reminds me how it can all change in an instant. How I’d rather be taken away and gone with the wind than to mindlessly stay here; silent. These winds carry leaves in them and almost anything that allows itself go. This wind’s strength reminds me of life. It reminds me how it can all be taken away from you in an instant and nothing truly is constant.

I love the sound of wind because it reminds me of change. It carries the wisdom of the ages and whispers quiet lullabies. The blowing wind does anything but remain the same. Its mystery makes me wonder where it comes from. Its personality reminds me of the brave ones that have moved in perfect sync with the changes of wind. It makes my hair lose its place and my skin feel its glory. This wind feels like a familiar old friend. It is trying to tell me something and all I want to do is listen. But I can’t do what it tells me quite yet. I just want this wind to know that I am listening to the message and will be swept off my feet quite soon.

Yes, this wind makes me want to go far away from here; it is trying to take me away and I love it for that. It does not want me to stay here any longer. But for now I am here.But this enchanting wind reminds me how soon, I will be gone with the wind and will land in a better and safer place. A place where my soul won’t be put on the line. I can’t wait for this day and this wind to come. “Soon” the wind whispers. “Soon” it roars.


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