Stop and stare

I stop and stare at my problems and I’m frozen. I can no longer focus on anything that truly matters. I forget about peace, about the work, about life. I cannot seem to write, to sing or be me. I even allow future problems to cripple into my brain and freeze my naturally warm thoughts. I know this is nothing more but a terrible habit I picked up from trying and failing. I know all that is truly getting in my way is fear. I wake up and it’s almost as though I try to find my fears for them to haunt me. That is why we must stop and stare to see what is really happening.

Once we know what our fears are, we can face them and know there’s nothing to be afraid of. They are simply creations of our mind that seem real but are not. Stop and stare at your fears in the face and the satisfaction that comes from knowing that love and faith inside of you were stronger than any fear in existence, is the most beautiful thing.

Stop and stare at all that you have accomplished; at what you’ve become. Don’t stop and stare at your failures; stop and stare at the many times you got up after you had fallen. Stop and stare at the person you proudly are; not the one you’re afraid to be. Always stop and stare at a person you’re proud to be. Then you’ll see the truth and won’t be haunted by what doesn’t exist. Fear is a lie, it’s important to remember that.


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