“Regrets collect like old friends. Here to relive your darkest moments.” -Shake It Out.

The devil seems to take over sometimes and unless we shake it out, we are paralyzed. And by devil I mean whatever leads you to a state of crankiness, an urge to fight, the incessant need to complain and simply not let things be. The devil wears (other than Prada) different costumes. It lives underneath the ground. Its best friends are the ego, mindlessness, fear and many more. It’s a dirty little bitch. It feeds on you when you’re feeling weak or steps in when you have stepped away from the light for a bit; when you’ve forgotten to look up.

The good thing to remember is that even if the light seems far away, it is there. This dirty little devil watching us from underneath loves for us to forget. It can be a she or a he. It can be both; it’s very tricky. Shaking it out is challenging but never impossible. The tools of its choice are regrets and mistakes; loves those. Red is too lovely for this creature to wear; black is too generic. The devil is invisible, haunting us when we want to be left alone. “And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.” She screams. Could someone please tell me how exactly to shake it out? That’d be great. Sometimes the oldest tricks in the book exist for a reason. Prayer, meditation, deep thoughts and optimism seem to be the way to go. Just please tell my mind to understand this and tell the devil to leave me alone. He, she, them, it is not welcome here inside my soul.

This friend is old but it’s not deep; it’s not meaningful. Yes, it lives underneath, haunting us with gravity.  If you can shake it out, do it. If you can’t, learn to live with it. Just remember it won’t last. Just remember what makes it go away. Do what you love, let yourself be and it will leave you alone. It comes back only if you allow yourself to forget again; when you consider giving up. Don’t. Don’t give up even when you want to. And then this old friend will become so old that you’ll forget its existence. And you can even learn; that just becuase someone or something is trying to pull us down, means that we will give in. Resist what’s underneath. And afterwards you will have been stronger because you could shake it out.


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