Beautiful blue

Out of the blue, peace reared its head out. An angel had a lot to do with it. You can feel as if you’re in Hell, but if you’re with an angel when you’re there…your Hell can rapidly become Heaven. How could I ever feel unlucky when someone loves me and sees my true nature? We decorated our tree in blue and it made me smile. Sometimes when you’re feeling blue, it’s best to rejoice in it instead of asking yourself why it’s not red. Sometimes blue isn’t meant to be red. It carries in its color beauty and lessons of its own.

When you’re loved, life is easier. When you’re loved, blue can become red without anything changing on the outside. Purple and blue are purple and there could never be anything wrong with purple. When you’re loved…the most perfect weekend can present itself unannounced. And that’s when you witness a miracle unfold itself. Thank you for a beautiful blue parenthesis.

The presents and the food were a beautiful decoration for the branches of our tree. The beautiful roots of our tree were authentic love and peace that accompanied us throughout our night and morning. Not even the blue from my own falling sky could outdo the blue of our beautiful blue tree. I hadn’t seen beauty like the one I shared with mother in a long time. I felt as though my heart had been left lost in the west but in the last days, it paid me a visit. It reminded me how it can still be mine no matter where I am. The red in my heart found a different shade inside my soul.

And as I insist on preferring: it was beautifully real, not perfect. Fears and regrets were shared as a burning fire and put off by the water that showed itself with words of wisdom. Blue never felt so right. A beautiful blue I was blessed to see, share and feel. Such a beautiful blue.


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