Amongst the dead

I wake up, grab a coffee and I observe the life around me. The trees smile at me always, the sky shines through with light. I wear clothes that fit my mood. I combine the black and white with the color of the day. An angel speaks words of wisdom and I’m ready to start. I walk through the gate and the guards unchain the locks. The closer I get to the top of the building on the 3rd floor, the more the colors start to fade. The trees and flowers start to wither the closer I get to the cage on the 3rd floor. Birds that fly around the cage try to come in but die when they try to do so. No animals could ever survive the cage found on the third level because the air is too thick for any living creature to survive for long.

I desperately try to hold on to the life from within and remember what the green is supposed to look like. It is not the green from the fake trees surrounding the cage where I currently am. Eight others seem to be here. Some still remember what life was like. Others have completely decided to die in order to survive and make it easier on themselves. The shortest one is dead from within. She is so far gone that her skin is dry and dead. Her inner death seems to be catching up with her exterior. She used to live in a different cage where she had already died, so this cage is simply a different stage for her to continue being eternally soulless. The others used to be alive. But unfortunately most of them have forgotten.

When amongst the dead, I am tempted to forget what life truly is. But then a spark from within reminds me to hold on. The plastic trees will never give me air; the cage will never be a home and the dead will never inspire anything worth remembering. When former living souls choose to die, they are lost. Their souls can never function the way they’re supposed to.

Against all odds, I’m still alive. But the dead are trying to kill me and my ways; the short one tries to kill me with her lack of expression; the tall one with her emotional imbalance and the rest of them with their deep misery and frustration. Yes, they try but they will fail. Soon enough I’ll join the living once again and smile knowing I never gave up on life and that life can survive even in the presence of death.


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