Isabella knows

Isabella gave me yellow flowers one day. Why? Because she said I was a writer and wanted to celebrate that fact. This is when I had written something for myself and shared it with her. Before that, she said I was a singer and that my voice was beautiful. She simply states her facts and knows it to be true without a hint of doubt. I did not know what she was talking about…sometimes I still don’t. Isabella tells me how I was born to do great things and what amazes me is not only what she tells me but how her eyes have a glare of truth. Still, the unbeliever tries to pull me down. I wonder if Isabella has been sent from the future. Does she know something I’m missing? Maybe; I ask her how she could possibly know these things and she says “I just know.” If only everyone had an Isabella telling them what they don’t know but should. Imagine if every dreamer had an encourager, a believer. Imagine if Isabella whispered to us all what we were born to be. Life would be light.

Sometimes someone comes into our lives to tell us exactly what we needed to hear. Sometimes we encounter angels. How could we not listen when what they say makes perfect sense? She said I could sing, she said I could write. I let insecurities get in the way at times, but I still believe. Isabella’s words have stuck. Her words are pink and sweet. She tells me about the potential inside my soul and I’m reminded of gold dust. She also reminds me constantly of the importance of letting things go. Because of how Isabella chooses to live her days, she is happiness. She isn’t just happy anymore; she is happiness because others can see right through her. She smiles because she can; she’s careless because she easily forgets to worry. She knows deep inside the truth and I get to listen to her live. I get to see her taste the rainbow of bliss.

Isabella knows more than I know but there is one thing I do know: I want to believe every single thing she tells me. I want to know not just who I am but who I can be. I don’t know much but I do know who Isabella is. She’s made a difference in my life and others. I am blessed to know her and I strive to know someday what she so clearly knows. So that one day I get to be somebody else’s Isabella and know what Isabella knows.


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