Happy endings

I always saw myself singing. Now I see myself writing and editing. What I am meant to do has always been a bit unknown. But I know it has color and passion. I know that it has dreams and realities. I feel like I’m more than one thing, therefore I see my horizon with more than just one happy ending. I truly believe in the best unfolding itself if your belief and conviction is strong. Happy endings have different faces to different people. And yet, they try to sell us all the same old happy ending.

Yes, we hope for the best but do we even know what that truly is? It’s ok to think about the future but not so much so that it disables us to accept what happens. I see my ending being wonderful but I mostly want to feel proud that I could be happy no matter what was thrown at me. In my happy ending, I see my mom and brother in it. I also see the love of my life, kids and wonderful friends. I don’t know exactly where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in detail. I know conventional will never be my style. But what I do know about whichever happy ending I end up with is that I want to feel alive. I want to sense my surrounding. I want to feel fulfilled, loved, understood and free. I might not know exactly who I’ll end up with or what the location of my happy ending will be. But I do know exactly what my happy ending feels like…I can almost taste heaven thinking about it.

Another aspect that will lack from any of my happy endings is perfection. I’ve always had issues with that concept. Why are we created flawed if our destiny is supposedly perfect? Besides, what’s perfect for me is imperfect for you. My dreams could be your nightmares. I think happy endings should be real but fantastic. They should be allowed to change with time. We change, why can’t our endings change?


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