Comfortable cage

It’s almost a month ago and I’m a bird. I chirp because I’m in a cage. I can see other birds fly and soar outside my cage and I envy them. I see them fight for their food, live to sing their song and simply do what they do best and I crave to be outside. I dream about it so much, I can feel the air in my wings. But the door is locked…I’m in my cage. What do I do? I eat the food they give me and I sit comfortably on the floor of my cage.

And now I’m still a bird and someone opened the door of my comfortable cage. What do I do? I ask myself whether I should or not. I start loving not having to fight for my food. I start to feel the floor be more comfortable than what it actually is. What kind of bird am I? Birds weren’t born to be in cages, they were born to fly. This comfortable cage will never give me what I truly need; what is right. It will never make me free. How can I fly if I’m not even free? How can I be a bird if I can’t use my wings to fly? The cage is easy but it’s not right. The cage is comfortable but it’s not life. The cage is safe but it’s not brave. I’ll take a life that’s right over easy anytime of the year.

So why am I afraid? Why haven’t I left the cage? I will. I refuse to be someone I’m not. I refuse not to use my wings. Besides, this is simply flying out of the cage. Just because I don’t know what might happen doesn’t mean it won’t work out. The tragedy wouldn’t be to go without food for a day or two. The real tragedy would be to never try to fly just because I might fail. I’ve done it before, I can do it again. And let’s say that I stay and try to make this work; it will never be home, it’ll never feel right.

I do not care how beautiful the cage is decorated, I do not care how much they feed me, I do not care how incredibly comfortable it is. A cage is and never will be a home for a bird. A bird was meant to fly. A bird was meant to sing. Don’t just fly out of the comfortable cage but learn from it. Know how it feels to play it safe and how much you took for granted when you had liberty. Sometimes the hardest circumstances can make living all the better. This comfortable cage I’m in has given me pain but it has made me better. I know now how fearlessness is the only path for me. Even if the fear itself tries to paralyze me; I know deep inside how valuable freedom is and how there’s nowhere else to be but outside this comfortable cage. Outside in the unknown is the only place where life lives, where souls shine and where peace and joy are not only possible but constant.


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