The Dreamer & the Dream Killer

Who will win? They both live inside me. I was born thinking all dreams came true. My mother is the ultimate dreamer. She taught me about dreams and I just thought it happened easily. Then the outside showed me its pain. I left my comfort zone and the dream killer started to create itself inside me.

I imagine the keyboard of the computer become musical keys and I rejoice in the moment of what I’m capable of seeing. As soon as the wonderful image finishes forming itself, the dream killer strikes back and starts to mock the dream. He says how that can’t happen and how it can’t be done. I wish the dreamer always won these little battles. But then again, there are no losers in my world. I know what is deep inside. The dreamer is what’s deep inside my soul and has been my old friend for a long time. The dream killer feeds itself from untouched dreams. And even if both of them are here…I know who’s stronger.

I just wish this dreamer of mine would relax. I know how important dreams and passions are; but sometimes we must be patient and know it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen. How can I calm this dreamer friend of mine? I don’t know. Who knows? Maybe the dreamer and the dream killer can become friends and learn to respect each other. They are, after all, just trying to do their job.

The dream killer is a murderer but as long as I know he won’t succeed, there’s nothing to be afraid of. The dreamer is simply being and living in the moment and wanting to come out and live the passion. That’s wonderful too. I just want to make my peace with both and with neither. I just want to let it be. Yes, there’s a difference to be made. There are dreams to be lived. But suffering and torture are obstacles in enjoying the passing moment that doesn’t plan to return. The dreamer and the dream killer are figments of my imagination. I trust the life of my dreams will happen in accordance with time and place; in spite of whatever creatures haunt and play with my dreams.


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